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ArticleTeams has introduced a new service in it’s line-up: Article Marketing. One of the most effective methods of doing SEO of your website, it is widely used by firms all over the globe. It ensures quick and guaranteed advertisement, quality backlinks of high page rank and for this it is quite invaluable.

But first things first, what is Article Marketing? Article marketing is a form of advertisement in which firms write short or long articles* about their own services and products. Of course, as with every kind of written material, the content of the articles has to be strong and well articulated, which is why professional writers are the ones who can do it the best. ArticleTeams can provide you just these services at the lowest costs in the market, without compromising on the quality. We also provide the directories in addition to the articles, with which to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

But why do we employ article directories? Why don’t we use some other medium for your SEO purposes instead?

Well, it is because they have many advantages, some of which are given below:

You can provide links in your articles to your own homepage, providing easy access to the reader.

Your articles can be 100% about your own firm. There are no issues regarding “advertising” content when using article directories.

Your articles are reviewed fast.

Other people will be able to copy the article and post it elsewhere, enabling more and more PR.

People who visit article directories are the ones who actually want to read your articles, unlike some websites on which people accidently stumble upon your content and are quick to close the tab.

The great thing about doing article marketing with these directories is that they allow you to place a link inside the article you submit and so you can naturally build thousands of backlinks using the list we have put together for you.

ArticleTeams has accounts in nearly all top ranking directories in the internet world. Having experienced writers in this specialized area, through directory writing services the relevant page rank of your website will be jacked up.

ArticleTeams offers writing and submission services in all article or content directories available on the internet.

* Long articles are of 600-800 words, whereas Short articles are between 400-600 words.

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Example URL: Do you have on your site or an other site an example of the kind of article you expect from us?
Exclude topics: Which subjects are already covered in an other article? What should we NOT write about? *
URL'S AND ANCHOR TEXT LINKS :: This is of course very important !!
Make sure the url's and the anchor texts (keywords) for the deep-links are in fact related to the topic of the article!
Web Site URL (homepage) (*):
Anchor text (2-3 keywords) (*):
Deep-Link URL 1 (sub-page) (*):
Anchor text (2-3 keywords) (*):
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